Dolce Vita - Erotic Lounge Club

Dirty Sound

2009 was the year when Dirty Sound established it's name in the erotic party scene.

Now, three years later, this has turned out to be a very successful concept. Every first Saturday of the month people can experience this in a luxurious setting where good music, an intimate gettogether and sensuality come together! Dolce Vita is located in the village of Herten (Limburg) and is THE place to go if you want to experience Dirty Sound every month.

Dirtysound is an all-inclusive concept: food, drinks, facilities, together with exhilarating groovy club and trance beats performed by DJ Pedro and regular guest DJ's, all of them with passion for their music and their audience. Dirty Sound: THE PARTY FOR OPEN MINDED, TRENDY PARTY PEOPLE 

Curious? Let all of the above seduce you!!! A night of fun, relaxation that coincide with an amorous fulfilment at a luxurious ambiance… Who woulnd't want that! 

An exclusive party for trendy, open minded people who love to party. 

If you like partying at a luxurious environment and where your naughtiest dreams/fantasies may come true, then this is your Party!!! 

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